Smooth, inspiring, and relaxing Guided Meditation Voice Over Producer of self help albums is here to represent your company and align with your brand. Allow Randolph to make the best, first impression on your self help clientele to create audience retention of your product line.

Utilising his unique studies of human nature, Randolph's guided meditation voice over productions help you achieve success in your self help and personal growth projects. Use his pre and post production services to include original scripts based in the Milton Method, Original Music, and an advanced form of brainwave entrainment. The audio tracks on this page provide samples of Randolph's unique knowledge and experience.

Track 2, "HealingMindN Posture" was created through Randolph's studies as a certified oriental sports trainer. Track 3, "Youthful Energy" is based in the Milton Method and Chakra Activation. Track 4, "Egg-Shaped Energy" is based in a Stewart Swerdlow method of chakra activation and Qigong. Track 5, "How to Control Your Heart Rate Using Qigong" is based in traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong.

His natural narrative and conversational style are built upon solid techniques such as that used by the Tavistock Institute for wide audience appeal.

Randolph believes in providing exactly what the audience expects concerning self help and personal growth products: A calming, productive experience. According to his studies of human nature, he realizes that a listener must retain at least one positive facet from their experience with a guided meditation or hypnosis product.

In retaining that positive facet, the listener is likely to discuss or even teach it to his/her peers as a form of "riccochet" or word of mouth marketing.

Randolph can provide mature, personable, natural, conversational spirits. Let's face it: Anyone can be warm and cuddly. But in a bear market like a recession, as stated by Robert Prechter of the Socionomics Institute, people tend to herd towards darker, more authoritative themes.

During bear markets or troubled times, audiences gravitate towards authoritative figures. Anyone can be the "right" voice over, but what people really want, in desperate times, is an authoritative, yet caring voice such as Randolph's.

His clear, precise articulation allows him to be international or local imitating a wide range of accents and cultures. He can switch instantly between characters.

Randolph always asks your creative team for the required style of delivery and delivers copy exactly as expected within the given context. By applying his personal dynamics, he can work with your creative team to provide you with a finished production (within your deadline) that is sure to please.

Find more examples of Randolph's natural, conversational, down-to-earth Narrative deliveries. Discover how his talent can boost the bottom line in your project. He also excels at Characters including celebrity caricatures, Commercials using colloquial deliveries from different cultures, and Promos wherein his voice exemplifies authoritative strength, sincerity, and eloquence.

Learn how to gain from cutting edge technology using Randolph's unique Voice Over Experience and his pre and post production Voice Over Services.

The pages above are updated on a regular basis. Standard non-union, 2007 rates apply until further notice. Please see the rate sheet and Contact Randolph with details about your guided meditation or hypnosis project for a quote. Thank you for considering Randolph's Voice Over Productions.