2007 non-union rates apply to Randolph's voice over talents within his production studio until further notice. These rates only apply to voice, sound effects, and music production. Turn around time is within 24 hours of job start unless your project is a narration, documentary, or audiobook over 60 minutes.

If your creative team requires live, on location production, and further talent in addition to Randolph, then there is an undetermined, longer turn around time with additional, yet to be determined / unpublished rates.

The rates provided are for complete buy out of services. Residuals are negotiable. Please see the enclosed .pdf rate sheet to determine the estimate for your project's budget. The following are excerpts from the rate sheet edited to apply specifically to Randolph's Services:

  • Base Rates.
    These rates have been calculated by surveying and averaging non-union voice over talents with two or more years of experience as voice overs. Prices in this document are averages for suggested minimums (base rates). It is up to the talent and voice seeker to negotiate the actual rate, possible buyouts, and residuals.
  • Union vs Non-Union.
    These are base rate averages for non-union projects delivered online. Rates for non-union projects delivered on-site may be higher, but are negotiable.
  • Market Sizes.
    Voice talents and voice producers tend to charge depending on the purpose of the recording, and the equipment they must use to provide a finished product. In short, if the recording is going to be heard by many people and helps the producer make a lot of money, talents expect to get more money than if the recording has a very limited use. For example: a 30 second recording for a TV commercial broadcast all over the US may cost several times more than a five minute recording for a local documentary.
  • Pre- and Post-Production.
    Randolph also does pre and post production work (copywriting, translating, adding background music, mixing voices, encoding for a special delivery, adding special effects, etc.). We call these talents "voice producers." These fees are usually charged on top of the fees that the voice talent charges for the dry read. Voice producers charge a Median of USD 100 per hour of pre- and post-production work (USD 113 average).
  • Studio Costs.
    The prices listed in here include studio costs for the voice recording (not for post-production). You may expect similar prices if you want the talent to go to a designated studio, but designated studios can lead someone to charge studio rental fees.

General Rates (including overall rates for non-broadcast and small market broadcasts)

Please see the rate sheet for rates applying to voice over work that will be used in promos, commercials, documentaries, and shows for radio, TV, cable, and the Internet in small markets. It also covers narrations, audio books, podcasts, corporate and industrial presentations, video games, films, movie trailers, multimedia (CD/DVD), web sites, phone systems (IVR), on-hold messages, voicemails, etc.

Recordings for broadcast in regional and large markets tend to have more expensive rates. Please see the rate sheet and Contact Randolph with details about your project for a quote. Thank you for considering Randolph's Voice Over Productions..