Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

Since Randolph is a voice over producer, his presentation has depth unlike your average voice over artist. His educational background is in psychology, neuroscience, transpersonal business studies, and audio engineering. His work experience had him influencing people for years to participate in educational and market research projects with 50%+ success rate.

You will find Randolph is a humble person as opposed to most voice talents who got their degrees - and then stopped learning; he listens and follows direction to your letter. THEN he unearths and presents you with information on filling your target market's needs to give your presentation the "edge." Randolph is a "chameleon" when it comes to representing your company and making the best, first impression for audience retention of Your Brand.

  • The Big Picture (HealingMindN Label): Readings, Vocals, Full Production and Self Publishing of new age, spiritually inspirational album (available on Amazon and My Music Stream where you can hear it now.

  • Frost & Sullivan (two years). In this time, he held over 2000 interviews with Fortune 500 and Inc 100 executives and department heads in high-tech industries using standardized, scripted surveys. In this time, he:

    • Helped his team to excel in production by 10% through his public relations with professionals from various industry sectors with focus in automotive, energy, medical, and information technology. He excelled in his performance due to his exceptional understanding of these trades and the rapport he gained with target markets.

    • Grasped the nuances of different markets to gain opportunities for special assignments on solo projects such as an international assignment with Australian Psychiatrists to discover their favorite anti-depressants (client name withheld).

    • Assimilated the accent and dialect of his target market to help him establish greater rapport. In doing so, Randolph achieved at least 5% greater return on investment rate in getting the desired results for clients in a timely fashion.

  • Association for Continuing Education, a division of Stanford Instructional Television (three years): Performed promos as the "Voice of ACE" and technical direction for live classes broadcast to Silicon Valley Companies including productions with Tandem Computers, Varian, and National Council on the Aging.

    • Excelled in Professional educational broadcast organization as a technical and program director, broadcast administration and nonprofit governance.

    • Wrote funding proposals, advocacy letters, board communications, and speeches within organizational, administrative, and technical aspects of broadcast productions and law, including contracts, license fees, copyrights, intellectual property, royalties, labor-management agreements, liability, and use fees.

    • Developed critical issues, goals, strategies, outcomes research planning, and protocol development.

Many professionals find that securing a position perfectly in line with their academic experiences is the exception rather than the norm. Save for the truly focused careers such as the physician, lawyer or engineer, there are a variety of routes to most professions. And that's a good thing--you should appreciate the flexibility in preparation afforded by most jobs.
Dylan DeSantis, Edu411

Randolph's career goals DO match his educational goals. His academic and work experience is an enhancement upon any degree in broadcasting or communications.

Healing the mind is the end result of psychotherapy of which communications is an integral part; he feels that voice over is about using the mind to affect the voice to affect other minds, an eons old principle that has helped Randolph succeed at engaging company clients and target markets.

In essence, this means Randolph's "other centered" therapy-based training helps your company make the best, first impression by representing your brand in the best light.

Randolph's natural Narrative deliveries are useful in 92% of the voice over market place. His logical, conversational style have provided producers and researchers a solid copywriting foundation. Discover how his talent can boost the bottom line in your project.

He also excels at Characters including celebrity caricatures, Commercials using natural deliveries from different cultures, and Promos wherein his voice exemplifies authoritative strength and eloquence.

Learn how to gain from cutting edge technology using Randolph's unique Voice Over Experience and his pre and post production Voice Over Services.

Standard non-union, 2007 rates apply until further notice. Please see the rate sheet and Contact Randolph with details about your project for a quote. Thank you for considering Randolph's Voice Over Productions.