Voice Registry Critiques:

  • Bill Ratner - Professional Voice Over Actor:
    Listen to Bill Ratner in his critique on how Randolph provides the audience with a fun, over-the-top spot about "The Vampire Diaries." Bill educated Randolph on the importance of contrasts between visual presentation and voice over.

    Remember that Randolph always provides several takes for your demos and he DOES pull back as he provides different versions. You can listen to Randolph at spot #13, Voice Bank. The following is a bio on Bill Ratner:

    One of the most successful voiceover performers in Hollywood, Bill Ratner is heard on movie trailers: The Rum Diary, MegaMind, Talledega Nights, etc., Discovery: How I Got Away With It, Behind Mansion Walls, Smithsonian Channel: Air Disasters, Weather Channel: Full Force Nature, games: Kings Quest, Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect as Donnel Udina, and the voice of "Flint" on the original G.I. Joe, Robot Chicken & Family Guy. Current commercial campaigns include Hyundai and V-8.
  • Marc Graue - Voice Over Demo Producer
    Listen to Marc Graue in his critique of Randolph's dramatic read as Commissioner Gordon to his daughter, Barbera from the BatMan Series. The following is Randolph's analysis of his own performance:

    "I learned about the importance of holding back again because I went over the top AGAIN with my performance of Gordon to his daughter. At Voice Bank, we are allowed only one take.

    "On my one take, my first impression of Jim Gordon is that he's a passionate guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. In my mind, Gordon, in his 50's, was expressing himself to his daughter, Barbera, as an adult (Bat Girl); this is the version that sticks in my mind from the campy old BatMan TV Series.

    "To top it off, Gordon's Script rants about "the edge" like lady gaga among a few other topics that fathers shouldn't discuss with their innocent, young daughters, so I assumed that Gordon would be ranting. {If I heard a 'father' mentioning "free drinks, women, and envelopes of cash to his young daughter, I would yank him aside, bang him against the wall and ask him, "are you out of your f'g mind?"}

    "The narrative version is the younger, relaxed, yet sincere version of Gordon speaking with his innocent young daughter. This is far from my first instinct for a dramatic read. I admit that I didn't have that scenario in my head when I did the demo, but I would have done it as a second take..."

    Marc says Randolph has a great voice for characters (e.g. animations, video games). You can listen to Randolph at spot #7, Voice Bank. The following is a bio on Marc Graue:

    Marc Graue is the owner of the legendary Marc Graue Voice Over Studios, a Burbank CA. landmark for over 27 years and an experienced voice over talent in his own right. Repped by the William Morris-Endeavor Agency, Marc can be heard on numerous network cartoon series including Nickelodeon’s Avatar:The Last Airbender, Cartoon Network’s Codename:Kids Next Door, Veggie Tales, Arthur and more. You can also hear Marc as the narrator for Nat Geo’s "Alaska State Troopers" and " Cowboys Of The Sea" series plus promos for Anderson Cooper 360 and on video games from Ratchet and Clank and Spiderman to World Of Warcraft and Lord Of The Rings!

    As a producer Marc has recorded voice over demos for some of the top voice over talent in the world: E.G.Dailey, Yeardley Smith, Stephen Root, Maurice LaMarche, Doris Roberts, Gary Owens, Randy Thomas, John DiMaggio, Dennis Haysbert, Carlos Alazraqui, John Ratzenberger and 100’s more.

    Marc’s Burbank studios have also hosted the hit HBO series The Life and Times Of Tim, Adult Swim’s Venture Bros. and Super Jail, Cartoon Network’s Totally Spies, Disney’s Safety Patrol and ZeFronk, Discovery Kids Tutenstein, PBS kids shows Sesame Street and Jay Jay the Jet Plane plus 100’s of video games from "James Cameron’s Avatar" to Transformers to the mega online games "Fallout- New Vegas" and Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim.
  • Nick Carreras, Imperium-7 Talent Agency
    Verizon Spot Critique for Randolph at Voice Bank, position 16 (no audio critique this time): "I like that you are trying to capture the innovation of this spot. The choppiness and strong inflections are a bit distracting. I would like to hear it more conversational and less robotic."

    The following is Randolph's analysis:

    I believe that I performed within the context of this particular Verizon Spot. I agree that my delivery is choppy with strong inflections and that it's some what robotic.

    I imagined how a Droid might sound when speaking to its owner - and that's what I delivered. That was my first instinct. I also wanted to convey the atmosphere of a kid playing with a new, hi-tech toy.

    As far as the choppiness and strong inflections being distracting, I can provide a smooth delivery, but the strong inflections are part of who I AM.

    Sure, I can provide a bland delivery, but skim some of the critiques that Nick provides to a lot of the talents. He compliments them for their voices in the same way I might compliment Rose McGowan for being one of the hottest, sexiest women who ever lived on the face of this planet; the thing is, she was born with it.

    For example, please examine Mickey Cooper at position #67. Nick compliments him on what God gave him, "a nice mid range voice with good texture and bass." Then Mickey had the same idea as me, to make it choppy, but Nick describes it differently as "slightly stilted and broken up."

    I wasn't born with the booming announcer type voice with the "good texture and bass" of most of these talents. I can fake it, but that's not me. I usually use that voice only if I believe someone can't hear me well.

    When you listen to the other talents, you can hear them using a natural conversational tone; they're not putting any extra zeal into their delivery. Most of these talents are going simply on the merit of what God gave them without the extra zeal.

    Assuming that Nick is following trends - correctly and objectively for high tech artificial intelligence commercials - then, YES, I can provide a smooth, conversational delivery on spots like these. By the same token, I question the judgment of a lot of people now in light of recent neuroscience research: Scientists pinpoint the brain circuitry linked to making healthy or unhealthy choices.

    This particular critique from Nick Carreras remains relatively anonymous and non-standardized. I don't know what he looks like or sounds like or even the location of his website. Since Nick's critique is relatively anonymous, I would prefer a second opinion.

    Nick Carreras received his bachelor of the arts at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He then earned his JD with a concentration in Entertainment law at Whittier Law School. After law school Nick began working for Imperium-7 talent agency in their voice over department and after working as a both an assistant and booth director Nick was promoted to agent. In his years as an agent Nick has booked large scale campaign deals and worked with industry leading ad agencies as well as most animation studios in Los Angeles. Nick has run countless voice over sessions and taught beginner voice over classes to students of all ages.
  • Laurie Haverkamp, Innovative Artists, Chicago
    Chevrolet Spot Critique for Randolph at Voice Bank, position 15: (no audio critique this time) I think the beginning of this could be set up better. You need to be a storyteller. The read is sounding detached. Really try to ask yourself "Who am I reading this to? And why do they need to know this information?" before you ready every script.

    Randolph's Analysis:
    This is the kind of thing that happens late at night when I get tired, but I want to get things done right away. This demo is testament to the fact that I need to be rested to get it right. As I listen to my demo now, I sound tired and detached.
    Bio: Laurie is currently an agent at Innovative Artists. She represents America’s finest selection of exclusive voice actors in Chicago. Laurie works directly with her actors in the studio recording and directing auditions for hundreds of clients throughout the country.

    In 2000, Laurie was a morning show producer in St. Louis on KSD FM and had a show on Columbia’s college station called No Boys Allowed, an all women artists show from 2001-2003.

    Laurie graduated from Columbia in January of 2003 and is now an adjunct faculty member in Columbia College’s Radio Department. She has been with Innovative Artists since 2006 and before that was an agent at Voices Unlimited from 2001-2006.
  • Mike O’Dell – BBA Talent, LA
    Clorox Spot Critique for Randolph at Voice Bank, position 13: (no audio critique this time) "If the client is after this much character then you just booked it. Very nice consistency. Keep taking the fun road!"

    Randolph's Analysis:
    The VO description said, "almost anything goes." The caption under Mike's pic said "the one who has the most fun wins." It seems that I nailed this one, but only because I'm also a student of Monty Python's School of "anything goes" philosophy. It also seems I do my best when I deal with the least amount of contrivances on a VO.
    Bio: Mike O’Dell – Commercial and Voiceover Agent – An agent for over 14 years, Mike contributes his sage experience and well-rounded resume to the commercial department at BBA. Combining his unique sense of humor and great eye for talent, Mike is considered by top casting directors as one of L.A.’s most esteemed commercial agents. His on camera rep work began with actors such as Billy Gardell, Pat Finn, Steve White, Margaret Easley, Nia Vardalos and countless others who have benefitted from commercial exposure.

    In 2008 the Bobby Ball Agency made the decision to re-enter the world of voiceover and Mike got a chance to enter into this most creative of mediums. He now looks forward to continued growth and success for the VO side of Commercial representation with the addition and development of the Children’s VO Division. His mantra: “Whoever has the most fun wins!!”
  • Toni Silveri – All Coast Talent NY
    Utah Highway Safety Critique for Randolph at Voice Bank, position 12: (no audio critique this time) "Your guy is a good character for this read, and you sustained him.. but too much staccato going on. Those pauses are unnecessary. Tighten those thoughts up and let them flow. Find where you are going to breathe for those recollections. I think the rest is just fine and I would send it."

    Randolph's Analysis:
    I'm not quite sure how a drunkard who is getting locked up for his mindless, drunken ways would have any kind of "tightness" to his thoughts. If we let the "thoughts" flow from a drunkard, he'd just be swearing and slurring all over the place. The drunkard I provided had it somewhat together, so he could be understood, but he's supposed to be a staccato mess telling all those jokes about himself. Isn't he? I'm guessing Toni Silveri may have preferred a Foster Brooks type drunkard.

    This is my last demo with VR University because I feel that I'm not really learning anything; the whole affair has been either hit or miss with the guest directors, who have very little to say anyway.

    Although I got the best review from Toni for my Utah Highway Safety Read, the VR University description says that I should be getting a regular learning experience by listening to others along with their reviews.

    I've been hearing the same talents over and over again, not really trying to get into the part or follow direction as far as I'm concerned, yet they still get equivalent reviews, sometimes bad, but mostly good - simply because they were born with a deep, resonating, caucasian voice. That tells me that this is a biased hit or miss industry.

    What would make VR University better is to have a regular panel of judges like American Idol wherein the professional opinions are consistent. The way it is now, the opinions and VR University's learning environment are inconsistent.
    Bio: Toni has worked as an actor, voice actor and singer, performing nationally and regionally in film, television and commercials, for over 30 years. She has been a working member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1980 and has screened and voted every year on the SAG Awards during her membership. At present, Toni’s talent agency, All Coast Talent Management, represents over a hundred actors across the country and abroad These talents can be heard nationally for Chevrolet, Hyundai, Budweiser, Hunter Douglas, Western Union, Capital One, PBS Kids, Disney, A &E, Discovery Channel, Worlds of Warcraft video game, and Promos for Harry Potter, Seinfeld’s original production, “Colin Quinn, Long Story Short”, the Broadway return of “Les Miz”, and recently, the new ABC television series, Once Upon a Time, to mention a few. She is the founder of the Western New York Voice Actor Workshop, which has gained national recognition as on! e of the best training grounds for voice actors in the country. Top professionals in the industry are invited regularly to share their expertise and experiences with her students. One of Toni’s favorite guest lecturers and luminaries is Pat Fraley, who has created voices for over 4000 characters, making him one of the top ten performers of all time to be cast in Animated Film and Television shows. Toni is a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers of America and Women in Film.

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