Please provide your name or company name and a valid email address for proper contact. In the subject, you may provide the purpose of your project such as:

  • Commercial/spot, narration, promo, etc.,
  • TV, radio, video game, web/podcast, etc.,
  • International, national, or regional.
(Example: Promo/TV/national.)

In the text field, please provide:

  1. The character/tone in which you want the script read (i.e. How do you want Randolph to represent your company?)
  2. The size of the project (e.g. seconds, minutes, # of words, # of pages, etc.)
  3. Your Sample Script
  4. Your Preferred file formats (aiff, acc, CD, mp3, wav, etc.)
  5. Your Preferred method of delivery (email, FTP, USPS, etc.)
  6. Extra pre/post production services you may require (scripting, music, sfx, revisions, etc.)
  7. Your Deadline
  8. Contact info (e.g. phone #, address, etc.) for communications, delivery, etc.

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
Send a carbon copy to your address


An mp3 demo (96kbps, 16 bit) will be returned to you in your preferred mode of delivery with several takes and a quote within 24 hours (usually much sooner than 24 hours). The demo will consist of several takes to provide you with a choice of mixing and matching hits and tones. The final product is delivered to you in the format of your choice electronically or hard copy CD. Please see the following terms which are negotiable:


As Randolph's client, you only pay for the final product which you require for its intended use. He realizes that you have a budget to meet, although each revision takes more of your time and his.

Randolph's goal is to represent your company to make the best impression on your target audience given your voice over (VO) requirements and your intended usage to save you time and meet your deadline.


If your intention is to use the final VO product in multiple media, then Randolph charges only one rate. For example, if you plan to use the VO product in large market TV, radio, and web broadcasts, you would only pay the higher rate of all the intended distribution methods or the large market TV broadcast non-union rate according to the provided rate sheet.

In return, Randolph would like to have your company as a reference and the VO from your project as a demo of his talents. Residuals are negotiable.

Delivery Methods

Randolph can deliver in any studio compatible format that you require for your project. Here are Randolph's preferred methods of delivery within your deadline according to file size:

  • One to two megabyte (MB): email.
  • Two to Twenty MB: FTP
  • Twenty + MB: hard copy CD

Delivery modes are negotiable.


Upon receiving the description of your project, revision requirements, and your preferred method of delivery, Randolph will tell you if/when he can meet your deadline. If Randolph does not meet your deadline as promised, there is NO CHARGE.


At the moment, the 2007, non-union rate sheet has Randolph's buyout rates for all services rendered until further notice, subject to change. Notifications and changes are always published here. In contrast, residuals are always appreciated.

Payment Schedule

Randolph realizes you have a tight budget and and even tighter deadline. Payment up front is not required. Payment schedules and residual contracts are negotiable. Randolph's philosophy is to work NOW and talk about payment later.

Standard non-union, 2007 rates apply until further notice. Please see the rate sheet. Billing is through PayPal or credit card through PayPal. Thank you for considering Randolph's Voice Over Productions.

Alternatively, you may Contact Page & Terms by phone or snail mail. He will get back to you within 24 hours if you only get his voicemail. Thank you for your patience:

2162 Leghorn Street
Mountain View, CA  94043