Tagged as "spooky, dark, raspy, and eerie," voice over characters and celebrity caricatures by can be used for movie trailers, video games, animations and more. Listen to his Haunted House Spot just in time for the Halloween Season!

Let him show you how his vocal dynamics can boost your project value by identifying your creative brand with your target market. Reflect your audience culture and humor while still representing your company in the best light.

In a few of the above characters, Randolph takes his vocal cords to the limit, but he also excels at natural, conversational Narrative deliveries. Discover how his talent can boost the bottom line in your project. He also excels at Commercials using natural deliveries from different cultures, and Promos wherein his voice exemplifies authoritative strength and eloquence.

Learn how to increase your bottom line through cutting edge technology using Randolph's unique Voice Over Experience and his pre and post production Voice Over Services.

Standard non-union, 2007 rates apply until further notice. Please see the rate sheet and Contact Randolph with details about your project for a quote. Thank you for considering Randolph's Voice Over Character Productions.